WTW Programs

Among the ways Worth the Wait has presented the message of sexual purity until marriage:

  • Church Programs
    Worth the Wait can be presented on Sunday mornings and evenings, Wednesday nights, at seminars, retreats, Disciple Nows, banquets, and camps.

Because of Paul’s extensive experience in both youth communication and sanctuary pulpit ministry, he can do both youth programs and Sunday sanctuary services effectively.

Among the curriculum available for multiple sessions are:

The Worth the Wait Student Study Manual and Leader’s Manuals
A four chapter manual that systematically teaches students about the principles and practicality of sexual purity.

The Three Questions Manual
After surveying thousands of students we found three questions that teens ask most about sexuality. This manual covers those three questions.

The Moral Compass Manual
An idea book for helping parents talk to their students about sexuality and teach godly purity.

  • Youth Camps
    Paul has served as camp speaker for several camps and also annually does morning bible studies in Oklahoma.
  • Retreats and Disciple Nows
    Often time retreats and Disciple Nows are held for a weekend-long emphasis and relationships.
  • Youth Conferences
    Paul has spoken for state and nation-wide youth conferences for several denominations.
  • Banquets
    Paul annually does a number of banquets, especially around Valentines Day.
  • Single Adult and Single Parent Programs
    Paul has spoken for statewide and church singles conferences. Having been a single into his mid-40’s he understands issues facing today’s singles.