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Purity rings (Worth The Wait Rings, Chastity Rings, Abstinence Rings, True Love Waits Rings, Promise Rings, are other names for Purity Rings) originated in the United States in the 1990s among Christians desiring to fulfill the Biblical model of waiting until marriage to become sexually active. Wearing a purity ring is typically accompanied by a signing a purity commitment card. Purity rings are often presented by parents to their children during church services/programs or purity balls, The purity ring thus symbolizes a spiritual agreement by parents to help their children keep a purity commitment. Purity rings also provide additional protection for students making purity commitments as they let others publicly know their commitment.

Students are encouraged to wear their purity ring until marriage. As part of their wedding ceremony they are encouraged to present their purity ring to their marriage partner symbolizing the fact that they waited until marriage to become sexually active. After marriage they are also encouraged to keep their purity ring and someday pass it along to their own children. Thus the purity ring becomes a legacy of a healthy love story to be passed from generation to generation.

Worth the Wait has been a pioneer organization in the designing, manufacturing, and sales of Purity Rings used both in purity services/programs that we do at churches and through our website worththewait.net. Worth the Wait has been designing, manufacturing and selling Purity Rings since 1995. Many thousands of students around the world wear Worth the Wait Purity Rings, and many have reported back to us beautiful stories of how their purity rings helped them maintain their commitment.

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