Our Story


Paul and KidsWorth the Wait is a ministry designed to educate and emphasize the importance of sexual purity until marriage. With so many mixed signals given to students about relationships, it is important that the church clearly enunciate the biblical truth on this tough subject.

Paul Abner started WTW in 1993, just after the beginning of the nationwide abstinence movement called True Love Waits. Worth the wait programs with Paul as the featured speaker, have been held coast to coast in over 20 denominations. Worth the Wait has been on the front lines of the nationwide movement to educate students and families on the purpose, benefits and biblical foundation of sexual purity since its inception.

Worth the wait has found extraordinary success in helping students maintain sexual purity for a number of reasons:

  • Paul’s Personal Experience
    Paul was 46 when he was married for the first time. His experience in the crazy world of dating and relationships makes him uniquely qualified to address the issues students and single adults face. His love story with Missy is inspirational and has been an encouragement to many.
  • Parental Support
    One of the key elements of a Worth the Wait program is the inclusion of parents. Because of the different forces fighting for the student’s heart, it is important that parents be empowered to communicate comfortably and provide support for a commitment to purity.
  • Worth the Wait Is User-friendly For Churches and Youth Pastors
    We have all of the things you need to put together a memorable and life-changing program for your church. Besides Paul’s dynamic speaking, we have curriculum, study manuals, purity rings and themed t-shirts. Your time is valuable, and we help save you time.
  • Worth the Wait Handles a Tough Subject Tastefully
    The majority of churches we work with have us back on an annual or bi-annual basis because we speak directly, but never do anything to embarrass.

Paul Abner has been involved in youth ministry for over 30 years. After 15 years as a church Youth Pastor, he started Worth the Wait Ministries in 1993 to promote sexual purity. Worth the Wait teaches students the practicality of sexual purity and helps students understand GodÕs plan for sexuality.

Paul also instructs parents on how to strategically teach purity through The Moral Compass, a program he authored. The Moral Compass was used statewide in Oklahoma in 2003. He has also written:

  • Worth the Wait Instructional Manuals for teaching students
  • The Moral Compass Instructional Manual for teaching parents how to approach sexual purity with their children
  • No Regrets a book about how to help students keep their commitment to purity once it is made.

Worth The Wait purity teaching materials, Purity Rings, Purity Necklaces, Purity Jewelry, Purity Commitment Cards, and other products have been used in almost every state to help instruct students on the value of waiting for GodÕs very best!

Paul has now done almost 1,000 Worth the Wait programs in churches across the country. Hundreds of thousands of students have gone through the Worth the Wait program. Many more students have been led through the Worth The Wait materials by their local leaders.

Paul has extensive experience in both youth communication and sanctuary pulpit ministry. Because of this, he can do both youth programs and Sunday sanctuary services effectively.

In 2006 Paul became a father for the first time at age 49, and in 2008 he became the father of twins!  And yes, God does have a sense of humor!

When not traveling, he volunteers as a tennis coach at Putnam City North High School in Oklahoma City. Paul has volunteered at PCN since 1987 and has helped coach 4 state championship teams and 2 state runners up teams, and numerous NCAA Division I and Division II players.