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Paul Abner's New Book! No Regrets


There are lots of thing we regret in our livesfrom the hairdo we had in high school to the tattoo we got on Spring Break. But, the choices we made in our past dating relationships, or even our choice of a marriage partner, don't have to be one of them.

So who is this book really for?
If you are the parents of a five year old and don't think you need this book yet, you are the one who needs it most. If you are a middle school student (or the parent of one) who has already seen "the video" but isn't officially dating yet, you totally need this book. And if you are a teen who is in the middle of dating and has already made a few mistakes, this book is a must have.

No Regrets will revolutionize your thoughts on relationships!
The way we approach opposite sex relationships is being formed now, whether we like it or not. From cradle to gravefrom without and withinour attitudes about dating and sex are continually being molded, and our kids are no differentthey live in the same culture and zip code.

Paul Abner presents an eye opening view of where we've been and where we should be headed when it comes to how we view relationships, dating, and sex. What is within these pages will shock and surprise you and maybe even expose a few regrets of your own. But hopefully it will change the way we all look at relationships and start a sexual revolution that creates a new model for the next generationa paradigm shift that sets us (and our kids) up for success, instead of failure in dating relationships and ultimately marriage.

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